Flavia Paganelli

Founder and CTO at 30MHz


A few years back we founded 30MHz and started building ZENSIE, a data platform for agriculture. At 30MHz we do hardware research and manufacturing, build a scalable platform and design user-friendly interfaces, with a wonderful team of professionals... which makes it the most fun enterprise I've ever worked on. Passionate about building good software while solving peoples' problems, technology is my means instead of my goal. With a background in Computer Science, I've been building software in diverse industries, languages and teams for over 20 years. I worked at TomTom where I developed their web route planner, and then at Layar to build their mobile Augmented Reality app. After that, I set out to found 9Apps, which builds robust and scalable infrastructures in the cloud for a select number of companies. We gathered our experience with Amazon Web Services in the books Programming Amazon EC2, Elastic Beanstalk and Resilience and Reliability with AWS, published by O'Reilly. Now I'm channelling all my experience and drive into 30MHz, one of the most challenging and fun things I've done, happy to contribute in this industry to grow food more efficiently and sustainably.