Glen Keane

Product Engineer


I like writing code and travelling the world! I'm a Senior Product Engineer employed by Wayflyer, where we're building a digital product portfolio to help fuel online businesses. Previously I was a Senior Remote Fullstack developer for NearForm. I've worked with Conde Nast International (Vogue, GQ, Etc) and acted as a tech lead and fullstack microservices consultant to a leading insurance provider in European markets. I hold an honours degree in Applied Computing, which is where I got my start. I have helped to deliver and lead the delivery of enterprise grade distributed software systems and applications for companies undergoing large scale digital transformations. I have contributed to the Node.js C/C++ core by adding linux tracing support using LTTng and have since become a core maintainer. During my time with NearForm, I have become highly proficient with fullstack JavaScript, worked with both noSQL and SQL database solutions, developed custom devops solutions using docker and kubernetes and have acted as a tech lead for a team of 6 engineers. As part of my qualification, I studied programming with several different languages, spending most of my time with Java, C/C++ and Javascript, but used Swift, Ruby and Prolog on college projects. I also studied several programming, mathematics, software engineering, web development and game development courses. Personally, I am technology agnostic and result driven which gives me ambition and enthusiasm with all tech choices. I am proactive in any projects I take part in (a team player!). I am a friendly and approachable person who is always willing to integrate myself into a new or changing environment.


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