Sjamilla van der Tooren

Tech Sourcer


Sourcing and Recruiting = <3. I am a freelance / interim tech sourcer|recruiter and I help great companies scale their technical teams and train recruitment teams how to source. ✨Currently: Zenly 💫Previously: WeTransfer | Kramp Hub | Maykers | ParkBee | Aula Education | Blendle | Poki | Reaktor Things I love: ✨ Browsing the interwebz for awesome people. 🖥 Checking websites I visit in developer mode, just because I like it. 🤓 Learning Python and running things in my terminal. 💌 Sending creative & personal outreaches. 🗣Speaking about it. 👩‍🏫Helping other recruiters getting better at finding and engaging with candidates. 💯 Hiring great people \o/. 💜 Star Wars (and Niels). Talks: - 2020: TBA - SOSU Tallinn - 2020: TBA - SourceCon Lisbon (keynote). - 2020: Tech Hiring Conference Lisbon (workshop). - 2020: Werf& Jaarcongres Utrecht. - 2019: Lonely Sourcing when candidates don't respond - SourceCon Atlanta (keynote). - 2018: Using developer tools to send creative outreaches - SourceCon Budapest. Want to know more? Just drop me a line via Twitter, LinkedIn or via 📭. Also, I am fine with connecting but please send me a message when you connect with me. I'll do the same :). #behuman